El Català a l'empresa

Catalogues and advertising brochures

And other promotional and invitation-to-purchase articles

What does the law say?

Catalogues, advertising brochures and other promotional items should be written in Catalan in Catalonia if they involve an invitation to purchase, i.e. if they state the price of the respective product (article 128.1 of Law 22/2010 on the Catalan Consumer Code and article 32.3 of Law 1/1998 on linguistic policy).

According to the Catalan Consumer Code, an invitation to purchase is: any commercial communication which outlines the characteristics of the goods or services and its price, and thereby enables the consumer to make a purchase.

There are also various obligations in other Catalan-speaking territories:


  • Any catalogue or commercial brochure distributed in Andorra must be in Catalan. This is provided for in article 15 of the Law regulating the use of the official language from the year 2000.

What would a good practice be in this regard?

In addition to the legal provision:

  • Catalogues, advertising brochures and other items must always be at least in Catalan, even if they do not state the price of the product.
  • When the document offering a service is displayed or distributed in an establishment that offers it, there may be either a single version in Catalan or a bilingual version. The making of two or more versions in different languages according to the type of customers should be avoided. In any case, great care should be taken to ensure that the Catalan version on display is readily available and that customers will never have to request it or be unaware of its existence, particularly when other versions are available. In the case of bilingual or multilingual versions, the Catalan version must always enjoy a prominent and pre-eminent presence.

  • In the case of home distribution, care should be taken to always distribute the Catalan version (unless the customer requests otherwise and the item is available in another language). If we wish to make another version or versions, customers may be asked which version they wish to receive before it is sent to them, or the Catalan version may be sent the first time round, with the commitment to send another version on request.