El Català a l'empresa

Other consumer-related areas

Shopping receipts, shopping bags, merchandising and promotional material, complaint and suggestions forms, surveys, forms

What would a good practice be in this regard?

There are many other areas of activity that should not be neglected in order to maintain consistency and good practice towards the consumer or client. Some examples of where it would be good for Catalan to enjoy full presence include:

  • Miscellaneous notices and information to customers, particularly the most immediate type, and even handwritten (cleaning notices, incidents, safety/security...).

  • Prices and other indications on receipts, refunds, car park receipts...

  • Shop bags, both general and more specific (such as a thermal bags in supermarkets) and shopping trolleys or similar tools.

  • Posters and papers for special deals, discounts, promotions, opportunities...

  • Different written documents or forms to be filled out, such as product warranties, validation or registration forms, surveys or questionnaires, suggestion or complaint forms (including the electronic format). Remember that official complaint/report forms in Catalonia must be available in Catalan, Spanish and English. In the Aran Valley they must also be provided in Occitan (Decree 121/2013 of 16 February).

  • Magazines for promoting establishments, products or cultural areas or others related to product sales (in print and electronic format).

  • Customer loyalty cards, discount vouchers or cards, gift vouchers or the like.

  • Promotional advertising materials (sugar sachets, napkins, paper tablecloths, ballpens, caps...).

  • Product recycling points and devices.

  • Lockers and cloakrooms.

  • Written and digital information on product vending machine displays, on ATM screens and all kinds of interactive screens, in car parks...

  • Digital advertising and information screens, mobile panels and devices and panels for issuing and viewing tickets for waiting your turn.

  • Company calling cards.

  • Viral campaigns on the Internet and other product marketing strategies.